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It's been a wee while since I made it back here to experience project, I am sure you all know what it is like to have social profiles in a gazzilion places and still have to find some time in the day to do actualy work ;)

If any of you want to catch up with me on twitter, I can be found @hopealexander or, as always, the He Wears Panties site is where I spend a lot of time. 

Something that might interest you is an article I recently wrote about a man's first panties. Do you remember your first pair of panties? The first pair of panties you bought? The first pair of panties you wore? Come and share the love on the comments here: A Man's First Pair Of Panties

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Posted on 10:07AM on Apr 17th, 2009
Like many of us it started out with wearing Mom's and later my sisters panties. It was not until I got older and could afford to buy my own that I began to experiment on my own. The very first pair I bought was a thong from VS. I discovered very quickly that while they look so hot, they were not that comfortable for me; so now I tend to favor full briefs, bikinis and boyshorts. I do like other stuff too, like chemises, nightgowns, corsets and merry widows...
Posted on 02:03PM on Jul 6th, 2009 old woman friend of mine, after an evening of drinking, suggested my *** would look better in a thong than she gave me hers to model for her...After my initiall embarrassment, it became clear that this activity got me mightily aroused...and, unlike other times thatwe made love, I was not 'done after one" the 9 years since, i have become a panty wearer and , now, i can only be with women who find this very sexy and who agree to has been wonderfully erotic and, well I am glad for my old friend to have asked me to wear!!!!
Posted on 08:43AM on Jul 15th, 2013
My first panties came via a friends mom ! She always dressed sexy ! Skirts,hosiery and high heels ! We were outside just hanging out and I asked to use his bathroom ! His parents were gone for the day ! When I went into the bathroom I saw the most amazing site ever ! His mom had hung several pair of nylons on the curtain rod to dry ! Pantyhose, thigh highs and stockings ! All in black ! One touch was all it took ! I was hooked ! I quickly went into his moms bedroom and found her lingerie drawer !! What a sight to behold ! I 'borrowed' a pair of thigh highs and a black lace panty ! I couldn't wait to get home to try them on ! Omg, what a feeling I had when I slipped on her panties ! I stood in front of a mirror and just stared at myself. Then I slipped on her thigh highs and admired myself in the mirror ! From that moment on I knew that wearing panties was much nicer then men's !! I kept them on all day and night ! I never returned them. They became my private little stash ! Over the years I 'borrowed' several more pair from her. Then we moved away, so I had to find other ways to build my collection ! Enter Fredericks of Hollywood ! Began buying from them and haven't stopped since !
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